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If you happened to pick up a copy of the New York Daily News this past Thursday, you may have seen an article in the Brooklyn section discussing the challenges facing “authentic” Brooklynite businesses. By “authentic” we mean small family owned operations, with roots in Brooklyn going back generations. Did I forget to mention that yours truly was featured prominently in the article. I must say that the reporter did a decent job a representing my sentiments (wish I could say the same for the photographer).

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For those of you who missed it, let me paraphrase.

Bedstuy Brooklyn has gone through a tremendous amont of change, in a relatively short period of time. Along with those changes comes the expectation that local businesses will have to adapt to those changes in order to capitalize on the situation.

You may have noticed that I didn’t speak about “surviving”. I deliberately focused on the idea of thriving in this new environment. In the article, I pointed out the fact that many of Abu’s newest customers have never heard of a bean pie. Well for the crew at Abu’s, this has provided us with the rare opportunity to introduce a new dessert to public. How often does a business have the opportunity to do that?

In conclusion, as an “authentic” Brooklyn based business, Abu’s has embraced the challenge set before us. We plan to continue to serve our customers the best baked goods in town, and arguably the best bean pie in the nation.

What do you think about the situation?

– Idris
The Beanpie Guy